Talking About K-12 Education Improvements

Talking About K-12 Education Improvements

What Is a Bilingual Immersion Elementary School?

by آدرینا احمدی

A bilingual school incorporates two different languages to teach their students a variety of different topics and subjects. But this term is still broad and covers a few different methods of schooling, including something called immersion learning. So, what exactly is a bilingual immersion elementary school? Here is what you need to know:

Continuous Language Learning

A major focus of bilingual immersion education is the continuous learning of a new language. Instead of gradually learning words, sentences, and phrases throughout the school year, students immerse themselves fully into the language they do not fluently speak. English-speaking students might be taught everything in Spanish while in class, while the opposite would go for Spanish-speaking students.

This can be tough for students at first because they will be listening to their teachers speak in a language that they cannot understand. However, because of the immersive experience, it typically does not take long for students to start picking the language up and becoming fluent in it. There is usually lots of help and resources available to help students transition to learning in a new language.

Some classes feature teacher's aides that are there to help translate complicated words, phrases, and lessons when necessary. Some classes offer books and written lessons in both languages so that students can translate information themselves instead of becoming confused and falling behind in their schoolwork.

Practice Makes Perfect

By the end of the school year, a child should be pretty fluid in both their native language and the second language they have been using in the classroom day in and day out. Students are typically expected to practice their second language outside of the classroom to hasten the learning process and to make them feel comfortable speaking the language no matter where they happen to be.

Practicing is the key to becoming fluent in another language, which is exactly why students practice all day long at a bilingual immersive school and home during the evenings and weekends. Even after a student is fluent in both languages, they will be expected to continue practicing their newly learned language during class just like all the other students.

Bilingual immersive schools can be found both in a brick-and-mortar and an online capacity. To learn more about how your child can benefit from bilingual education, schedule a consultation appointment with a reputable school today and gain some insight into the kind of curriculum and the learning environment that is available.  


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