Talking About K-12 Education Improvements

Talking About K-12 Education Improvements

The Top Tips To Prepare Your Child For K6 School

by آدرینا احمدی

How can you prepare your child to start a new K6 school? Whether your child is ready to start kindergarten or they're transferring schools, take a look at the top tips to ease the transition and make the new educational environment enjoyable.

Go On a Tour

An on-site visit is an easy way to help your child learn more about their new school. Not only can this help your child learn more about what to expect next school year, but it can also ease anxiety.

Even though an in-person tour is ideal, it isn't always possible. What should you do if the school is currently closed or you can't schedule a time to visit? Ask your child's soon-to-be teacher or a school administrator if it's possible to go on a virtual tour. A video chat or pre-recorded video tour provides your child with the chance to see their future classroom and the rest of the school.

Point Out the Positives

Pre-school year nerves are common. But if your child only focuses on their anxiety, they may develop negative feelings about the start of the school year. Turn their thinking around and focus on the positive aspects of kindergarten or the other elementary grade your child is about to begin.

Positives to point out may include:

  • New friends. Your child will make new friends in their K6 school. Even though they may need to leave their former school's friends behind, talk up the new relationships they'll make. If your child is nervous about meeting new friends, invite a classmate over for a before-school playdate.
  • A new teacher. A new school year means a new teacher. If your child didn't meet their future favorite educator during a school tout, schedule a time for a virtual or phone introduction.
  • New classes. Talk up the classes your child will take in kindergarten or elementary school. This could include a foreign language program, specialized art instruction, or another class your child will enjoy.
  • Increased independence. Whether this is your child's first time in school or they're moving up to a new grade, they'll have more independence when they start school. Focus on this freedom and praise your child for the new self-care skills they're working on.

Along with pointing out the positive parts of your child's new school, talk about your own experiences. Share stories about your own elementary school days. Include specifics, such as a favorite teacher, new friends you made, or classes you enjoyed.


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Talking About K-12 Education Improvements

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